Chez Eugénie

Creators of epicurean moments

Located only 50 metres from the hotel, enter Chez Eugénie and discover a warm welcome where the decoration is modern and neat. Let yourself be carried away by the soft, caressing light, make yourself comfortable and plunge into the deep blue that awaits you.

Your curiosity will be stimulated and your senses awakened. Enjoy this place of life, conducive to time for yourself and for others.

The chef offers you an authentic, audacious and generous cuisine.

The cuisine: frank, modern, gourmet.
In close collaboration with our fishermen, breeders, local market gardeners, we work with fresh, quality and raw products.

A different menu every month.
Here, the menu evolves with the seasons and invites curiosity between the land and the ocean, while respecting traditions. A wide selection of wines accompanies dishes of character, high in colour and flavour. The play of textures and associations is appealing, and the combinations are just right and speak to everyone.